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Setting up Cozify Hub

Cozify Hub is wireless, easy to install and setup, beautifully designed DIY home automation product. Setting up your wireless home automation is easy to do and requires no technical skills. Still, there are a few important topics you need to take into consideration to make everything work as you wish. In case you are in the middle of setting up your Cozify home automation, this blog post is for you.

You can buy Cozify Hub as a one at a time purchase or as part of Cozify starter package, which we call Cozify bundles. This post covers installation and setup of hub delivered with the Cozify bundle. In case you already have Cozify Hub and you’d like to pair new devices with your hub, you can skip the beginning of this post and jump directly into section Setting up Cozify Hub, or read instructions from

What Cozify Hub package includes?

Cozify Hub includes following items:

1 pcs Cozify Hub
1 pcs Power
1 pcs Network cable
1 pcs Quick guide

All our bundles include one NyCe multi sensor and a few Osram Lightify bulbs. Based on the bundle, package might also include Sonos wireless speaker and Belkin Wemo Insight switch.

Where to begin?

I know you are in a rush of setting up your Cozify Hub, but hold on for a while. Before setting up your beautiful hub, you should setup Sonos speakers and Belkin products.

In case your package doesn't include Sonos or Belkin products, you can jumb into section Setting up Cozify Hub.

How to setup Sonos speaker?

Sonos speaker is installed following the instructions you can find from the Sonos product package. In practice, you will need to turn on the power, download Sonos application from your phone app store and follow the installation instructions.
Note for Windows Phone users! There is no Windows Phone application for Sonos speakers, so in case Windows Phone is the only phone you have at home, you can setup the speaker using your desktop or laptop. More in detailed instructions can be found from

Sonos installation and setup video: Setting up Sonos speaker

You need to install the speaker into the same network with your Cozify Hub.
After the Sonos speaker has been installed, it will appear automatically into Cozify application devices view.

How to setup Belkin Wemo Insight Switch?

Just like Sonos, Belkin Wemo products must be installed using instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

Download Belkin Wemo application from the app store and plug the Belkin WeMo Switch into an outlet at your home. The device will form its own wifi network. Connect your phone into that network. Application will guide you to the right direction.

Like Sonos wireless speaker, Belkin Wemo Insight Switch must be installed into the same network with your Cozify Hub.

Note to Windows Phone users! There is no Windows Phone application for Belkin Wemo devices. You need to have either iOS or Android device to complete the setup.  But no worries, after you have done the setup, you are able to control the device using Cozify application.

Btw, Belkin Wemo application might ask you to update the device firmware. We recommend you do the update even though it might take up to 15 minutes.

Setting up Cozify Hub

After you have installed all your wifi devices, you can plug-in the Cozify Hub. So, plug-in the power and connect the network cable into your home wifi router.
When you switch on the Cozify Hub for the first time, new software version is updated into the hub automatically. This might take a few minutes. Please note, that during this time you can't connect the hub.

Be patient, this will take only a few minutes.

During the hub update you may install the Cozify application from the app store. The Cozify app asks you type in your email address. Registration code is sent into this address and you need to type in correct code to proceed. In case hub software update is still in progress, application might say it cannot connect the hub. In this case you need to wait for a moment and try again after a few minutes.

Important! You have to use the same email address you used when you ordered the hub.

Video about setting up Cozify Hub can be found from Youtube Cozify Hub Setup
After you have registered the hub, Sonos speakers and Belkin Wemo devices are shown automatically on Cozify application devices view. In case devices are not shown, ensure that all devices are connected to the same network with the hub.

How to setup NyCe multi sensor?

NyCe multi sensor is a Zigbee device. All Zigbee devices are installed from the Devices view.

1. Select (+)-icon from the top of the Devices view
2. Select Search Devices
3. When the search is on, turn on the NyCe multi sensor by placing the batteries
4. Device will appear automatically into the Devices view after the pairing has been completed

How to setup Zigbee bulbs?

Like NyCe multi sensors, setting up bulbs is done from the Devices view, too.

1. Select (+)-icon from the top of the Devices view
2. Select Search Devices
3. Turn on the bulb when the search has begun
4. Hub will take care of the rest. Bulb will blink a few times after successful pairing.

What next?

Now you have all your devices installed and you are ready to go.

Open Cozify app, create new rules and themes, and automate your devices to the way you like. More details about how to use Cozify app can be found from

And finally, please remember to send feedback. If you find something that is not working as you like, please let us know. If you have ideas of what we should do next, please let us know. If you have found great devices youd like us to support, please let us know. We are here to help you to solve all issues to enjoy your smart home and get everything working perfectly. You can reach us from

Don't have Cozify Hub yet? Visit our webstore and order your hub today!

Have a great day!

- Tony / Cozify

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