Sunday, December 14, 2014

Something small into Santa's bag

The holidays around New Year are just around the corner. The last moment to purchase gifts for your close ones is, well, about right now.

We listed here a few interesting products to help you with your last minute gift shopping.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball
A football that can tell you the power of your kick and the spin of the ball. The best results are stored into your smart phone and you can compete against your friends and team mates.

Sonos Speaker
Tons of music, podcasts and radio channels at your finger tips. Easy to use, excellent quality.

Babolat Play Pure Drive
A tennis racket that tells the number of hits, the speed of the ball and the spot you hit with the ball. Store the results and compete with your friends. Just like with the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball.

Polar Loop and Garmin Vívosmart™
An activity wristwatch that gives an alarm to your phone in case you are still for too long. It also provides other feedback based on your activities.

In case you are not sure if the amount of exercise you give to your dog is enough, the solution is to purchase this new IoT dog necklace.

A small band that can be located in your bed under the bed sheets. It is able to analyze the quality of your sleep and give hints on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

Parrot Flower Power Plant Health Sensor
This device is placed into a flowerpot and it throws an alarm in case you have forgotten to water your flowers.

A thermostat that learns to adjust the room temperature automatically based on your preferences.

iHealth wireless scale
A scale that helps you to reach your weight target.

A laundry machine that shows the remaining course time in your smart phone. You can set the start time from your couch. The course programs are updated automatically from time to time to ensure the best possible washing results.

Withings wireless blood pressure monitor
A blood pressure monitor that stores all the information about your blood measures. The results can be followed from your phone screen and sent directly to your doctor.

Osram Lightify and Philips Hue
Change the ambience at your home easily. Changing the mood at your home has not bee this easy before.

...these just a few to mention! With Cozify, which is soon to be released, you will be able to control several manufacture devices through just one, easy to use interface.

Did I forgot something from the list? Send us your own suggestions and discoveries into our Facebook-feed.

Happy holidays to everyone!

- Tony / Cozify

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